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Rhapsody ditches (some) DRM, selling MP3s with Verizon and Yahoo

By | Jun 30, 2008

Rhapsody , the digital love-child of Real Networks and MTV, is best known for its DRM’d subscription music service. As such, the globe’s population of sheep-white -earbudded, sidewalk zombies have been completely off limits to its charms. Until today. While its DRM’d subscription deals remain in place,

NEC’s “Bubble Talk” delivers micro-voicemails

By | Jun 30, 2008

Between this, voice-to-text, and text-to-voice systems , the lines between talking and texting are getting very blurred indeed. NEC used the NXTcomm show in Las Vegas to show off its "Bubble Text" technology, which is really nothing more than voice SMS — record a quick snippet of talking, send it off,

France Telecom ups TeliaSonera bid, heated talks ongoing

By | Jun 30, 2008

Following a rather unceremonious rejection of a $41 billion offer earlier in the month, rumors are swirling that France Telecom is adding some extra cash onto its bid for TeliaSonera , a juggernaut carrier and ISP serving Nordic and Baltic countries. France Telecom’s flagship brand is Orange , and if some sort of

BuzzBall A Roller Coaster Ride Without The Rails

By | Jun 30, 2008

I know a lot of people must really enjoy roller coasters , otherwise amusement parks wouldn’t be spending millions of dollars on the latest and greatest designs. But the Faster /Taller /Twistier a coaster gets, the longer the line usually gets. So what if everyone could have their very own roller coaster and never

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