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Targus Kicks Out A Slew Of Mac-focused Accessories

By | Sep 30, 2008

Targus is making a big deal about how it’s launching its first-ever line of Mac accessories, but we’re not seeing much here that’s particularly platform-dependent — just a lot of gray and white plastic. The $70 Bluetooth Laser Mouse, $50 Wireless Mouse, and $80 Bluetooth Presenter all feature an interesting touch-sensitive scroll nub that switches […]

Pandora pre-orders Go Live

By | Sep 30, 2008

We still don’t really believe it, but the Pandora pre-order page is now live and accepting orders for the open-source gaming handheld. Only 3,000 units are being delivered this time around, so you’d better act fast — $329 is all it takes to be a part of history, kids.

LG Introduces “Attractively-priced” KP500, Doesn’t Say How Attractive

By | Sep 30, 2008

Got touchscreen envy but don’t have the pair of Benjamins required to get yourself into a celly without a keypad? LG has a solution: the KP500, a nearly button-less and stylus-bearing handset that sounds rather like another recent cheap smartphone. LG’s not giving many details about this one beyond its 3-inch display, a 3 megapixel […]

Emblaze Mobile’s iPhone Competitor Detailed, Hitting Russia Next Month

By | Sep 30, 2008

We don’t hear too much from Emblaze Mobile around these parts, just the occasional boastful proclamation about revolutionizing mobile communication. So, color us surprised when we got wind of an entirely new and impressive sounding handset due to ship in just a month. The Edelweiss (named after a flower representing purity) is a 3G, touch-screen […]

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