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SanDisk Slashes Some Prices For The Weekend, Heading into World’s Worst-named Monday

By | Nov 30, 2008

“Cyber Monday.” You probably couldn’t pick a worse name for a day of conspicuous, retailer-defined consumerism, but you’re welcome to try. SanDisk decided to forgo the Black Friday insanity and instead run with three days of Cyber Monday sales, with up to 60% off those boring, ever-necessary flash memory products it’s so well known for […]

Motorola Cancels RAZR3 / Ruby, Era Comes Closer To An End

By | Nov 30, 2008

Earlier this month, the almighty RAZR fell from the top spot as America‘s best selling handset. Now, we’re finding that the RAZR3 / Ruby has been canned. Granted, the move isn’t all that surprising — after all, Moto’s known for awhile now that it simply can’t keep tweaking the RAZR instead of, you know, innovating. […]

Black Friday Giveaways (part 10): The LG Prada Phone

By | Nov 29, 2008

We’ve decided to end the  Black Friday Giveaways with a blast from the past. Remember this guy? It seems like only a week ago that Apple was being accused of ripping off this LG and Prada collaboration with the iPhone. Ah… memories. Well, you can at least still impress some folks down at the local […]

PS3, Wii Users Get Psyclone TouchCharge Pads, Too

By | Nov 29, 2008

We caught sight of Psyclone’s WildCharger-based TouchCharge kit for the Xbox 360 a few weeks ago but, in case you missed it, the company is also offering similar kits for the PlayStation 3 and Wii. At $49.99 the PS3 version is actually the cheapest of the lot, due to the fact that it’s able to […]

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