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VAIO P Spotted And Unboxed in The American Wild

By | Jan 30, 2009

Sure, we were certainly rocking Sony’s littlest VAIO in various locations across these United States, but the things have been taking their time in finding their way to the hands of our fellow gadget lovers. After finally starting shipping on Wednesday they’re now starting to show up on the doorsteps of lucky folks around the […]

Alpha Version Of Intel’s Moblin OS Released For Brave Netbookers

By | Jan 30, 2009

It’s been nearly a year since we were first confused about what this whole Moblin thing was going to be, but now here it is released to the wild, roaming about in alpha form and looking to find a home for itself in your netbook. If you haven’t been following along, Moblin is a custom […]

India’s $10 Laptop Coming February 3rd, Take That Negroponte

By | Jan 30, 2009

Get ready, India’s $10 laptop is set for its first unveiling on February 3rd. Ok, so it’s not quite $10… $20 actually, but that’s far better than the $100 some were estimating. It’s also much better than the $200 per OLPC XO deal that Negroponte wanted to reportedly charge the Indian government more than 2 […]

Samsung’s 4Gb Chip Promises 32GB DDR3 Memory Modules For PCs And Laptops

By | Jan 30, 2009

Oh Samsung, you and your world’s firsts. We like to tease but your latest breakthrough is truly notable: the world’s first 4Gb (bit, not Byte) DDR3 DRAM PC memory chip based on relatively frugal 50-nm processes. Two things here: 1) the new chips consume 40% less power than previous DD3 memory modules, and 2) the […]

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