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OCZ Gets Official With 10.1-inch DIY Neutrino Netbook

By | Mar 31, 2009

We know what you’re thinking — another day, another netbook, right? Not quite. OCZ Technology’s Neutrino, which we caught napping at CeBIT earlier this month, just got official. Weighing in at 2.86 pounds, the DIY netbook arrives with a 10.1-inch 1,024 x 600 LED-backlit display, Intel’s 945GSE chipset, a 1.6GHz Atom N270 processor, twin stereo […]

Microsoft Announces Windows Marketplace Partners, Tweaked Policies, Designer WinMo 6.5 Themes

By | Mar 31, 2009

Details are starting to come into focus on some of the finer points of Windows Mobile 6.5‘s launch later this year after February‘s announcement at MWC, and if you had to boil the news down to just two words, they’d be “pretty” and “support.” As “pretty” goes, it’s been announced that Microsoft has partnered up […]

Dell Finally Adds 720p LCD Option To Inspiron Mini 10

By | Mar 31, 2009

So far as we can tell, Dell’s Inspiron Mini 10 was supposed to have a 720p screen option from day one, but after the ridiculously weird launch, we’re not at all shocked to see that said selection is just now being offered. Starting right about now, prospective Mini 10 buyers can upgrade that stock 1,024 […]

Sony: ‘No Plans’ For A PS3 Price Cut

By | Mar 31, 2009

That PlayStation 3 price drop rumored to be coming tomorrow? Not happening, according to Sony. In a statement given to Joystiq, SCEA public relations manager Al De Leon says, “we do not have plans for a PS3 price drop, and any rumors to that effect are false and are the result of speculation.” Although we […]

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