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Motorola’s A4500 World Phone Caught in The FCC Covered in Verizon Tattoos

By | Apr 29, 2009

We don’t have a formal unveiling for Motorola’s Verizon-bound A4500 world phone just yet, but an operation manual and some snapshots of its dress rehearsal from the FCC should suffice in the interim. From what we glean, it supports CDMA for VZW’s network and quad-band GSM for SIM-packing Vodafone customers and other overseas roaming needs. […]

Sony Unveiling UMD-less PSP With Slide-out Buttons At E3?

By | Apr 29, 2009

Whispers of a new or revised PSP have been growing decidedly louder as of late, and now 1UP’s gotten a ton of new details from what it claims are “sources directly involved with the new system” — our favorite kind of people, actually. Here’s what they were told: UMD is out, replaced instead with options […]

Keepin’ it Real Fake, Part CCIII: New York Times Undercover Edition

By | Apr 29, 2009

When the New York Times sent one of its ace reporters to Shenzhen to check out the KIRF scene, they came to a startling conclusion: these things are really quite popular. And why not? Your iPhone might be a terrific device, but is it really $400 better than the Hi-Phone, or the iorgane? Well, it’s […]

ATI Radeon HD 4770 GPU Review Roundup

By | Apr 29, 2009

We like how you’re thinking, AMD, and we don’t say that everyday — or ever, really. During a time when even hardcore gamers are having to rethink whether or not that next-gen GPU is a necessity, AMD has pushed out a remarkably potent new graphics card for under a Benjamin, and the whole world has […]

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