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Windows 7 OEM Pricing Revealed by Newegg

By | Sep 30, 2009

Well, it’s not the fifty bucks that OEMs are said to be paying for a copy of Windows on the average PC, but the pricing for individual OEM copies of Windows 7 has now finally been revealed by the folks at Newegg and, as expected, it’s still a good deal cheaper than the full retail […]

Motorola CLIQ Coming To T-Mobile Next Month For $200 on Contract

By | Sep 30, 2009

Counting down the moments with your besties until T-Mobile USA opens up the pre-order page for Motorola‘s first-ever Android device? Might as well do something more productive in the meanwhile, particularly since the aforesaid carrier has just announced plans to charge $199.99 for the CLIQ on a two-year agreement. Without a doubt, that’s quite a […]

Microsoft Security Essentials Anti-virus Software is Now Live And Free

By | Sep 30, 2009

In a move that’s sure to please a few million Windows users and break the hearts of a handful of anti-virus companies, Microsoft has now finally made the non-beta version of its Security Essentials software available to the general public, and it’s not even asking that you throw a launch party to get it for […]

T-Mobile’s Motorola CLIQ Presale Countdown Page is Up And Running

By | Sep 30, 2009

In a little over 19 days from now, you’ll be able to get your CLIQ… ah wait, no you won’t, but at least you’ll be able to express your interest in getting a CLIQ, which is a good first step, we suppose. T-Mobile has just thrown up its official CLIQ preorder countdown page, which we’re […]

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