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LG Launches official Site For GW620 Android Phone, Sort of

By | Oct 30, 2009

LG’s GW620 handset may be easy to miss among all the other current Android-based offerings, but it looks like LG is now starting to ramp things up a bit to help it get noticed, with it recently launching (inadvertently, judging from the copy) the official site for phone complete with some fresh new images and […]

iTunes Goes 9.0.2: Adds Support for Apple TV 3.0, Kills Pre Sync

By | Oct 30, 2009

First comes the Apple TV 3.0 update, and next comes the iTunes update to make the two play nice. It’s a beautiful thing, we tell ya. As of right now, iTunes 9.0.2 is available via Software Update, and with that comes compatibility with Apple TV 3.0, an “improved look and feel,” and an easier-to-explore iTunes […]

HTC Droid Eris Peeks its Head Out Once More, Shows off 5MP Camera

By | Oct 30, 2009

Hey, HTC – we’re onto you. We know you’re a little upset that the lower-end Droid Eris isn’t getting much attention now that the DROID is all over Verizon‘s marketing agenda, but it’s not like we don’t feel your pain. For those interested in spending a full Benjamin less on their next Android handset (on […]

Best Buy Offering DROID Pre-orders As of Today, Automates The Mail-in Rebate

By | Oct 30, 2009

In the best sort of tradition, Best Buy Mobile has gone for a repeat of its Palm Pre offering and is offering the $299 Motorola DROID at $199 thanks to the automation of a mail-in rebate you’d have to actually “mail in” if you were to purchase the handset straight from the carrier. Best Buy […]

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