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Nokia Shows Off SNES On N900, Quickly Thinks Better Of It

By | Nov 30, 2009

A little bit of emulation is a basic rite of passage for a modern day device that allows open software development, and the N900 is no different. We first saw the device rocking some SNES way back in September, but apparently Nokia couldn’t pass up an opportunity to demonstrate the phone’s prowess and put up […]

iriver Story up For Sale in The UK, Can Be Imported To The US For Contrarian Amount

By | Nov 30, 2009

Other than a delightful-looking keyboard, it’s a little tough to tell what sets the iriver Story apart from its E Ink brethren (other than its complete lack of wireless), but the little issue of a $400 US pricetag for import versions doesn’t give us much reason to find out. Meanwhile, in the UK the somewhat […]

Archos 5 Gets Android Market, Gmail and Maps For That Google-Blessed Experience

By | Nov 30, 2009

Since it’s not a phone and transgresses in all sorts of other Google-pleasing areas, the Archos 5 Internet Tablet hasn’t had a full shot at Android thus far, being relegated to merely the open source aspects of the OS. However, with phones like the Droid out and about and making high-resolution compatibility a must for […]

Sony PSPs Enlisted as Study Aids By The Royal Navy

By | Nov 30, 2009

Whoever it was at Sony HQ that decided to pursue “military contracts” as a revenue source, kudos! Mere days after the US Air Force expressed interest in expanding its PS3 supercomputer, we’re hearing glorious Britannia’s Royal Navy has conscripted 230 PSPs into duty as revision aids for its trainee sailors. Loaded with maths and physics […]

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