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Nexus One Trounces 3D Benchmark, Gets Caught in High-res Photoshoot

By | Dec 31, 2009

Just when you thought you’d seen it all with Nexus One, along comes an old friend with some higher resolution shots of the handset (hooray!) and a pretty impressive 3D benchmark test using Qualcomm’s Neocore.

HTC HD2 Plays Tekken 3 Using FPSECE Emulator

By | Dec 31, 2009

Not much to say here other than there’s a PlayStation emulator for the HD2 and it bloody well works! The original gangster of consoles, already emulated on other WinMo devices such as Toshiba’s TG01, has made its way to HTC‘s finest thanks to version 0.10 of the First PlayStation Emulator for Windows CE. You can […]

Nexus One Rooted Already?

By | Dec 31, 2009

No, you still can’t have one (not yet, at least), but we’ve received a number of tips directing us Modaco forums, where admin Paul claims to have rooted Google‘s not-so-mysterious Nexus One. We can’t validate the “superboot” file works, but the adjacent picture has popped up from another forum member as apparent anecdotal confirmation. Instructions […]

HTC Russia Says HD2 Will Get Windows Mobile 7 Upgrade, But Other ‘Communicators’ Won’t

By | Dec 31, 2009

And what do we have here? HTC’s Russian contingent has been rather forthcoming with its Windows Mobile 7 plans this morning, which will please HD2 owners but disappoint many others. The good news is that HTC’s flagship WinMo handset is assured of getting Microsoft’s finest when it comes out, but the bad news is that […]

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