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Nintendo’s Dunaway: No Wii Successor ‘Anytime Soon’

By | Feb 26, 2010

Miyamoto may have been dropping hints about some new Nintendo hardware recently, but it looks like a true Wii successor isn’t among the options in the short term. That’s according to Nintendo’s Cammie Dunaway, who told GameSpot during the company’s just-concluded Media Summit that she doesn’t see a proper Wii follow-up coming “anytime soon.” She […]

Raidon Announces HyBrid Disk SSD / Hard Drive Combo

By | Feb 26, 2010

Not interested in piecing together your own hybrid SSD hard drive with something like SilverStone’s HDDBOOST kit? Then you might want to consider waiting for Raidon’s upcoming HyBrid Disk drive, which promises all the same benefits with none of the hassle (apart from actually installing it in your computer, that is). Complete details on this […]

It’s The End Of February, Where’s Your JooJoo?

By | Feb 26, 2010

Call us optimistic, but we pictured February 25th rolling around with us laying on a couch and watching some Olympic ice dancing clips on the JooJoo’s 12-inch screen. Ah, but here we are about to cross off the last few days of the month and the only thing we’ve got in our hands are some […]

Adafruit Is In The Square Payment Pilot, Awesomeness Will Likely Ensue

By | Feb 26, 2010

Our good friends at Adafruit Industries are now taking mobile payments with the best of ‘em thanks to a prerelease Square dongle they’ve managed to score, ostensibly as a part of the public trial announced earlier this month. They’ve posted a quick video showing the process of taking someone’s cash via plastic, and it looks […]

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