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Vodafone and O2 Germany Being Hit By Palm Pre Plus and Pixi Plus

By | Apr 14, 2010

Palm‘s news activity doesn’t look like abating any time soon, as the company has just made the Deutsch arrival date for its Plus-ified phones official as April 28. It matches earlier speculation about late April, but also — very importantly — introduces a new carrier options for our Teutonic brethren in the form of Vodafone. […]

Logical Next Step Showed By Multitoe

By | Apr 13, 2010

If you were not fascinated enough by the toe mouse, how about an entire floor to practice your foot-based inputs on? Researchers at Potsdam’s Hasso Plattner Institut have put together a multitouch floor that recognizes individual users by their shoe pattern and responds to such universally familiar actions as stomping your feet and tapping your […]

Everything is 3D Automatic Ecept “buying a new TV” Part Motorola Software

By | Apr 13, 2010

It’s not like a couple of button presses on a remote was the big gap between us and the perfect 3D experience but when most people can’t even figure out if they’re actually watching HDTV, some automated assistance can’t hurt. To that end Motorola has manged to  develop an update for its latest set-top boxes […]

Competition With iPad Leads To Delay of Lenovo Skylight

By | Apr 13, 2010

We’ve heard talk of competitors delaying products to see what the competitors from Cupertino are up to. Before this, it was HP making some last minute pricing and feature adjustments to its Slate. Now we’ve got DigiTimes’ sources claiming that Lenovo is holding up its Linux-based Skylight smartbook — pushed from April to July – […]

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