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LG LU9400 Arena Max Pictured Hiding A 1GHz Snapdragon inside

By | Sep 7, 2013

Another day, another Snapdragon handset. It’s kind of fun to consider a phone with a thousand megahertz processor common these days, isn’t it? We already knew LG’s Arena Max would have built-in WiFi, but now we can put a face to the name as well as a few other select specs. Wireless connectivity will be […]

Adafruit’s Monochron Retro Clock Now On Sale, Changes Time With Every Match Point

By | Sep 7, 2012

You might have the vaguest of memories seeing this piece before — it made a cameo in an Madtechnews Show segment — but here we are with a much clearer picture of Adafruit Industries’ Monochron clock, now also on sale! As is its modus operandi, the timepiece is open source… but should you plan on […]

KFA2 NVIDIA GeForce GTX 460 WHDI graphics card is first to go wireless

By | Jan 14, 2011

What you’re looking at is the world’s first wireless graphics card affectionately dubbed the KFA2 GeForce GTX460 WHDI 1024MB PCIe 2.0.

Vodafone and O2 Germany Being Hit By Palm Pre Plus and Pixi Plus

By | Apr 14, 2010

Palm‘s news activity doesn’t look like abating any time soon, as the company has just made the Deutsch arrival date for its Plus-ified phones official as April 28. It matches earlier speculation about late April, but also — very importantly — introduces a new carrier options for our Teutonic brethren in the form of Vodafone. […]

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