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Facebook Data Harnessed To Deliver Real-Time Sports Trends To Broadcasters

By | Nov 19, 2013

Now that most of us take to social media to rant about our favorite sports teams, it was only a matter of time before our ramblings are collated and packaged as “trends” for the talking heads on television. SportStream, a company that specializes in collecting such data, has recently partnered with Facebook to deliver exactly […]

What happened Extremetracking dot com is not working ?

By | Oct 17, 2013

What happened to Extremetracking dot com? Hey guys, What happened on Extremetracker early this morning (October 17, 2013).

Dryft could make tablet typing tolerable

By | Sep 10, 2013

Dryft could make tablet typing tolerable Dryft uses a tablet touch sensor and accelerometer to dynamically find your fingers as you type and tries to keep them under it. Typing on the tablet can be almost as laborious as typing on the phone. Randy Marsden invented Swype to make smartphones easier for touch typists and […]

Virgin Galactic aircraft reaches Supersonic Speed

By | Sep 6, 2013

The commercial spaceline, co-owned by billionaire Richard Branson’s Virgin Group, just pushed its flagship aircraft higher and faster than ever before in a second rocket-powered flight. We’re one step closer to being able to cruise at 2,500 mph and experience five minutes of weightlessness 364,000 feet above the Earth — if you happen to have […]

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