It’s Easier Than You Think! – PS3 Jailbreaking

It’s Easier Than You Think! – PS3 Jailbreaking

By | Aug 29, 2013

How to do PS3 Jailbreaking.

Alright, let’s get started!

1. Download

Download the needed tools. (you can do that from the link above)

2. Unpack Files

Extract the zipped files that you acquired to a new folder on your desktop.

3. Browse The Folder

On the extracted contents, look for the filename that has the name of your device and the “UPDAT.PUPjail” characters without the quotes.

4. Modify The Content

Modify that content by removing the characters after the “.PUP”.

5. Create Folders On Flash Drive

On your empty flash drive, create a folder with the name of your gadget. Inside the main folder, create another one with a filename that says “Update”.

6. Transfer Contents

Transfer the file that you modified earlier to the sub folder of your USB Stick.

7. Turn On Device

Turn on the console of your gaming device. The process should be done on the console not on your controller. Make sure that there is no disc inside so a game will not automatically run.

8. Insert USB Hardware

Insert the USB storage to the port of your console.

9. Start Process

Access the Settings menu of on the screen. Then, proceed to the “System Update” option. Among the next choices, select “Update via Storage Media”. Click “OK” to confirm your decision. If you encounter the terms and conditions, review it and agree or accept it by pressing the appropriate answer. After that, the “Install Update” tab will show up. Just click it and wait until your device is automatically powered off.

10. Manually Restart And Check

Press the power button of the console and try playing a third party app to see if it works. If it runs, then you just successfully completed the process.

Again, before you can get started you’ll need to download the correct tools. Visit: Jailbreak Tools

Is This Legal?

There is nothing illegal with a PS3 jailbreak according to the ruling of the U.S. Copyright Office. This is because it is just a matter of customizing the device to go with the requirements of its user. So, do not worry about facing a lawsuit if you do. However, the only thing that you can’t avoid is nullifying the warranty of your device. Despite the downside, the benefits of this process far outweigh the disadvantages. Overall, this is truly advantageous on your part.

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