Navigation Controller PlayStation Move Sub-controller Hits FCC

Navigation Controller PlayStation Move Sub-controller Hits FCC

By | Apr 12, 2010

Wondering what Sony‘s going to call that PlayStation Move sub-controller — you know, since “nunchuk” is already taken? Think no more. Sony part number CECH-ZCS1U just hit the FCC’s database, and “Navigation Controller” is written in nice bold letters right there on the label. It’s looking like this is official, as the Sony US website has been quietly updated with the change, and we think it makes a certain amount of sense, as most 3D games let you aim the camera with your dominant hand and relegate navigation to the other. Like the Motion Controller, Sony’s opted for confidentiality on this one, meaning we won’t have photos of the controller’s juicy guts for six months, but hey, at least you already know what the outsides look like- Dont worry technewstime will keep you updated. Stay tuned!


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