Playstation Jailbreaking : Present and future support

Playstation Jailbreaking : Present and future support

By | Aug 29, 2013

In August 2011 information about hardware that was downgrading PlayStations on system software v3.70 was being released. These hardware mods were Nand/Nor chip flashers that would either be soldered or clipped onto the PlayStation’s chips on Nand/Nor chip located on the PlayStation’s mother board. It would then flash the memory off the chip which backs-up the PlayStations firmware hence downgrading the console when the Hard Drive was formatted. These Flashers still work on the latest System Software version and can be purchased online.
In October 2012 a hacking group known as The Three Musketeers released the Level 0 keys for the PlayStation 3. These were the same keys that would have allowed a Chinese hacking group known as BlueDisk to release a purchasable CFW for 4.21 and above. Shortly after, a well-known PS3 Developer, Rogero, released his free of charge 4.21 CFW. There are now different developers releasing CFWs for the latest versions of PlayStation 3′s firmware. These custom firmware render the PlayStation Jailbreak obsolete. They cannot, however, be installed unless the PlayStation 3 is on system software version 3.55 or below.
On June 26, 2013 the 3.60+ loader keys were released to the public by *great unicorns* and on the same day HDD encryption for PHAT consoles were released by a dev called *flatz*. Following this the Lv1ldr crypto keys were released *4.21-4.46*.

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