Xbox One Can Switch Quickly Between Tv And Gaming Using A Controller

Xbox One Can Switch Quickly Between Tv And Gaming Using A Controller

By | Nov 20, 2013

The Xbox One is built to entertain. Designed by Microsoft to integrate into gamers’ existing TV setups, a set-top box can plug into the console and allow users to switch quickly between TV and gaming using a controller or by using motions or voice with the Kinect.

The Xbox One contains an eight-core x86 AMD processor, and has 8GB of DDR3 RAM. Combined with AMD’s Radeon GCN graphics architecture, the Xbox One is more than just a fancy set-top box – it’s a super-powered games console too.

Exclusive Xbox One games include Forza Motorsport 5, Ryse: Son of Rome and Project Spark. Of course, there’s also another highly anticipated Halo game.

The controller has been upgraded and now boasts ‘Impulse’ rumble triggers, a sturdier d-pad and slightly smaller analogue sticks.

Microsoft has made several changes to the Xbox One since its reveal in May. Kinect is no longer required for the console to operate, but is recommended by Microsoft and comes included with the console. Microsoft also reversed its restrictions on the Xbox One’s always-online requirements, meaning that the console can now be used offline, but will lose some features by doing so.

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One such feature is the use of the online ‘Cloud’, which can enhance gameplay and sync players’ data between consoles. Xbox Live Gold members can also record and share gameplay, as well as livestream to the service Twitch. Users’ Xbox 360 Gamerscores also carry over to Xbox One.

Manufacturer: Microsoft
Distributor: Exertis Gem
Contact: 01279 822822
Release date: November 22nd
Price: £429

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