Intel’s New Mini Pc With Remote Management Next Unit of Computing (NUC)

Intel’s New Mini Pc With Remote Management Next Unit of Computing (NUC)

By | Oct 7, 2013

Intel’s range of ultra-customisable small form factor devices provide potential for anything, anywhere

Intel has revealed a fresh Next Unit of Computing (NUC) range – tiny computers and motherboards designed to provide maximum performance without the restrictions of space.

The latest version – the Horse Canyon – has just launched. It supports vPro technology which features remote management and added security features. For example, retailers using the NUC as a point-of-sale or digital display can manage the device remotely and save on expensive engineering visits.

Squeezing in a four-by-four-inch motherboard, NUC can be powered by Intel Celeron, Visibly Smart Core i3 or i5 vPro processors, and then combined with up to 16GB of DDR3 RAM in order to pack a huge amount of power into the new-size form factor while providing a much smaller PC footprint.

The 3rd generation i5 CPU can drive digital signage, kiosks and intelligent computing for small spaces, or anywhere you can imagine. Use the i5’s triple-display capability for multiple monitoring and display, while Intel’s vPro technology also allows your IT service provider to remotely manage or repair your system regardless of location, meaning the super-portable box is made even more mobile.

Instead of a kit, users can also buy an NUC motherboard on its own and customise to personal perfection with ecosystem chassis vendors, including support for incredibly fast solid-state drives, USB3.0 and Intel’s PRO/Wireless Wi-Fi technology.

There’s the ability to include innovative Thunderbolt 2 capability in an NUC – which provides super-fast data transfer rates and the ability to daisy-chain peripherals.

Also present are Intel’s Smart Connect and Rapid Start technologies, keeping your computer ready to go at anytime by automatically updating even while asleep, and then having the ability to boot from off almost instantly.

If you’re after great value for great performance, the Celeron-processor option provides compact impact. With HDMI output, 8-channel audio and wireless on all boards, value doesn’t mean missing out on great innovations.

Whether you’re after a compact home theatre, a personal jukebox that doesn’t break the bank, a super-small way to drive signs and displays or a tidy way of providing customer support kiosks, Intel’s flexible NUC fits in anywhere.

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