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Consternation Caused by Square Motorola Android Slider

android 2.1
By | Apr 12, 2010

We have definitely seen a Motorola phone that looks like this odd square thing before, but it’s also possible we’re out of brains. Either way, it looks like Moto’s working on a new Blur set running Android 2.1, and if you thought screen size and resolution issues differences were a big part of  Android fragmentation […]

HTC Espresso’s Updated Sense UI Shown off on Video

android 2.1
By | Dec 28, 2009

We’d been itching for some video of the mysterious  HTC Espresso’s updated Sense UI ever since we saw those intriguing screenshots last week, and here we go: a leaked version of the ROM has been hacked onto a Hero and given a run-through. Overall, things seem to be slightly cleaner all around, and that new […]

Google Nexus One Stands With IPhone And Hero, Interface Gets a 5-Minute Walkthrough

android 2.1
By | Dec 23, 2009

The Google Nexus One trickle continues. Today’s two menu items include a 5-minute demonstration of the Android 2.1 interface — shaky, sure, but it’s a pretty thorough rundown of all the menus. We’re also serving up some low-resolution picture comparisons of the Nexus One laying side-by-side with theiPhone and HTC Hero. It still eludes us […]

Verizon Commits To ‘Newer’ Android For Droid Eris With Google Maps Navigation in Q1 2010

android 2.1
By | Dec 5, 2009

HTC has pulled no punches about the fact that it intends to bring Heros up to Android 2.0 (or is that 2.1?) spec at some point, though neither Sprint nor Verizon had quickly followed on to assure customers that there’d be upgrades ready and waiting for their versions (sure, technically, the Droid Eris is a […]

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