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LessLoss BlackBody: improve your sound for just $959 and your sense of reason

By | Nov 26, 2009

The high-end audio market has always been more about marketing than about music, but it’s hard to say if we’ve ever seen a product as phenomenally insane as the LessLoss BlackBody, a $959 block of plastic that designer Louis Motek says “takes advantage of the quantum nature of particle interaction” to improve your stereo’s sound […]

Goldmund’s $300,000 Epilogue Speaker System Joins Media Room

By | May 1, 2008

  Personally, we can only imagine what a $300,000 speaker setup sounds like. But you — we know you’re eager to pick up the Epilogue Speaker System (previous edition shown) and rub it in the faces of everyone else, right? Regardless of whether you answered that truthfully or not, Goldmund (those same cats who actually […]

Onkyo Unveils Another Audiophile PC, The APX-2 HD

By | Feb 16, 2008

  Onyko‘s cranked out a couple slick little audio-oriented desktops and media PCs, and its latest carries the tradition on in fine form — the new APX-2 HD audiophile PC actually looks more like a high-end shelf system than a PC, if you ask us. The compact unit houses a 1.66GHz T5500 Core 2 Duo, […]

Wadia Digital Intros iTransport: The Audiophile’s iPod Dock

By | Jan 5, 2008

  We’ve seen some fairly snazzy aftermarket iPod docks before, but Wadia Digital is hoping to lure a few C-notes from the wallets of bona fide audiophiles with its iTransport. This Made for iPod device reportedly bypasses the PMP’s “internal D/A conversion and output stage,” which enables the music to stream through “clean and unadulterated.” […]

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