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Palm Pre Price Keeps Sinking On Bell, Down To $100

By | Nov 10, 2009

Just weeks after Palm’s Pre sunk to CAD $149.95 on Bell, the outfit’s first-ever webOS phone has now stooped to just CAD $99.95. That still requires a 3-year contract, of course, but man — a single bill for a smartphone like the Pre? Anyone tossing out guesses on how long it takes Sprint to follow […]

Telus Joins The Fun, Gets itself An iPhone This November

By | Oct 7, 2009

Not that we’re surprised, but Bell isn’t the only Canadian carrier stealing the iPhone exclusivity limelight from Rogers. Telus is proudly proclaiming on its home page that it, too, will have the iPhone 3GS in November. No word on prices, but we doubt the companies will stray too far from the current trends. Now that […]

Bell’s Latest Pre Ad insults Americans, Old People, And Bloody Roller Derby Girls in One Pass

By | Aug 31, 2009

With the latest installment of Bell’s “Meet my Palm Pre” series, paid spokesman Bradley here has basically guaranteed himself that he’ll be visited by elderly American roller girls with bad attitudes and a taste for justice. Some of the gruesome highlights:

Video: Palm Pre Jumps The Border, Now Shipping on Bell

By | Aug 28, 2009

Right on schedule, the Palm Pre has started shipping to Bell Mobility customers. The Bell exclusive marks the first international launch of Palm‘s little savior and to celebrate, we’ve got commercials — a pair of knee-slappers featuring real live Canadians. And you thought that the mirror on the back of the Pre was only for […]

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