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HD DVD Booklet From CES Explodes With Irony

Ces 2008
By | Jan 21, 2008

  “Hang on” is right.

CES 2008: Everything You Need To See

Ces 2008
By | Jan 15, 2008

  We know there was an absolutely stunning amount of stuff going down at CES last week — yet strangely enough nothing that really stood out. Before Macworld officially gets started let’s bring it home with a few of the highlights of the news week you might have missed!

SkullCandy Shows Off MP3-playing Double Agent Headphones

Ces 2008
By | Jan 14, 2008

  It’s not like we haven’t seen MP3-playing headphones before — heck, we’ve even seen ‘em from SkullCandy itself — but the latest pair from the aforementioned firm simplifies things quite a bit. Quietly showcased at CES, the Double Agent cans sport a built-in SD slot and the typical assortment of controls on one earcup […]

Iriver Prepping Handwriting-friendly E-book / Tablet?

Ces 2008
By | Jan 13, 2008

  To wrap up its CES week, iriver has some pictures and scattered Korean text about its booth experience and product reception in Vegas over the past days. Tucked below all the self-congratulation, however, is what looks to be an as yet unannounced prototype from the ever-active iriver designers. The product appears to be an […]

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