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Lenovo LePhone Launching In Le May

China Unicom
By | Jan 23, 2010

As Google and China trade blows on the global stage Lenovo just keeps on truckin’ with its plans to launch the Android-powered LePhone in China and overseas. Samsung and Motorola you’ll recall, already bent under Google’s pressure and agreed to delay the launch of their respective handsets in China last week. Lenovo execs are planning […]

Google’s Spat With Chinese Government Causes ‘Postponement’ of Android Phones

China Unicom
By | Jan 19, 2010

You have to love a good clash of legitimate titans, and they don’t get much bigger than Google and China. After deciding to stop censoring its results, the Mountain View company of evil-non-doers has stepped up its offensive with the announcement that two Android phones — one from Samsung and one from Motorola – […]

Android 2.1-Equiped Motorola Sholes Tablet Spied In China As XT701?

China Unicom
By | Dec 4, 2009

No sooner do we get brief corner glimpses of the supposed Motorola Sholes tablet do we get tipped off to this writeup from which has a number of pictures of an eerily similar keyboard-less handset with a 3.7-inch screen, Android 2.1, FM radio, and interestingly enough, only a 5 megapixel camera — last we […]

HTC Hero And Click Coming To China Under Dopod Brand

China Unicom
By | Aug 3, 2009

HTC has been on a global Android-pimping mission with its Hero device, and it looks like Chinese subsidiary Dopod gets the honor of announcing three new handsets for the Middle Kingdom. Unlike others, the Hero retains its WiFi capabilities by playing nice with China’s custom WLAN security protocol and is expected in late August on […]

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