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Lenovo’s entry into the smartphone and tablet market has paid off

By | Dec 26, 2013

Lenovo’s entry into the smartphone and tablet market has paid off. The firm has revealed its best-ever Q2 results, including a rise in sales of mobile devices. Lenovo achieved growth of 78 per cent year-on-year for smartphones, while its tablet sales grew by 4.2 times. “Lenovo not only remains the top PC company in the […]

Xbox One Version Of Lego Marvel Super Heroes Will Be A Short One

By | Nov 16, 2013

Warner Bros has confirmed that the wait for the Xbox One version of LEGO Marvel Super Heroes will be a short one. As per a statement from the publisher, “the game will not be releasing on the Xbox One console on November 22nd”. However, a statement supplied to Eurogamer says that the game will be […]

Europe is Epecting Palm Pre Plus and Pixi Plus By the end of This Month

By | Apr 10, 2010

v Inquisite juices are to be flowing again. Pre Central have unearthed the above O2 Germany promotional poster displaying a Palm Pixi stood in front of such smartphone luminaries as Sony Ericsson’s X10 and Motorola’s Milestone. Knowing the fact that the Pixi has yet to make its entry in the Atlantic, their supposition is that […]

Puma Joins Forces With Sagem To Birth The Puma Phone

By | Feb 17, 2010

Looks like the rumors we heard were true: august cordwainer Puma has teamed up with Sagem to make a phone — and it’s quite a looker, too. The Puma Phone (as it’s called) is a lightweight little guy that boasts an integrated solar cell for charging and charge indicator to let you know how you’re […]

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