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Global Smartphone Sales Increased By 45.8 Per Cent In Q3

By | Nov 16, 2013

Smartphone sales increased by 45.8 per cent in Q3, with Lenovo moving up to the No. 3 vendor for the first time. According to Gartner’s latest report, smartphone sales to end users reached 250.2 million units. Samsung increased its lead over Apple in the global smartphone market with 32.1 per cent market share. Apple managed […]

Gartner Forecasts Phones Overtaking PCs As Most Common Web Browsing Device By 2013

By | Jan 16, 2010

Predictions about phones overtaking PCs at one task or another are hardly anything new, but research firm Gartner has gotten a bit more specific than most with its latest forecast — which, among other things, foretells of a day when cellphones will be the most common device used for browsing the web. That momentous event […]

Acer Fulfills Prophecy, Overtakes Dell As Number Two PC Maker Worldwide (update)

By | Oct 15, 2009

As if on cue, here’s some new data research firm Gartner lending credence to Lanci‘s boasting. Looks like Acer has leapfrogged over Dell for the number two spot in global market share for the third quarter of 2009, from 12.5 to 15.4 percent of the Big Pie Chart™. Meanwhile Dell is just below at 12.8 […]

Gartner Posts Worldwide Mobile OS Numbers For 2008

By | Mar 14, 2009

This table pretty much speaks for itself as a snapshot of the year in smartphones that was 2008 (according to Gartner) — a breakout year for the category particularly in the US. As you’d expect from the smartphone device tallies we saw yesterday, RIM and Apple have the momentum largely at the expense of Symbian‘s […]

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