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HP Launching Tablets And Notebooks With Integrated Pico Projectors This Year?

By | Jan 22, 2010

The details are few at this time, but DigiTimes is reporting that Hewlett-Packard is working on busting out some pico projector support in its laptops and tablets in 2010. Currently the wee beamers haven’t found much of a home in the pockets of consumers, but integrating them into these devices might just make sense. There […]

HP Envy, dv8 Quad, Mini 311, And Numerous Other Windows 7 Machines Now Available To Order

By | Oct 19, 2009

Since today really needs a good heap of news to somewhat balance out yesterday’s glut, HP has updated its online store to give it an abundance of new and revised Windows 7 machines, including the Envy series (Beats edition and all), Pavilion dm3 with AMD Neo or Intel CULV chips, Core i7-packing dv6t/ dv7t / […]

Acer Fulfills Prophecy, Overtakes Dell As Number Two PC Maker Worldwide (update)

By | Oct 15, 2009

As if on cue, here’s some new data research firm Gartner lending credence to Lanci‘s boasting. Looks like Acer has leapfrogged over Dell for the number two spot in global market share for the third quarter of 2009, from 12.5 to 15.4 percent of the Big Pie Chartâ„¢. Meanwhile Dell is just below at 12.8 […]

Google Names Chrome OS Compatriots, Dell Noticeably Absent

By | Jul 9, 2009

Acer, Adobe, ASUS, Freescale, Hewlett-Packard, Lenovo, Qualcomm, and Texas Instruments — according to the latest Chrome OS update from Google, you’re looking at the company’s initial ragtag team of co-conspirators for its entry into the operating system business. With Adobe’s involvement, we can assume Flash support is a given, and the others unsurprisingly run the […]

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