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NSA is able to decrypt through your email

By | Sep 6, 2013

More documents from former security contractor Edward Snowden show that the National Security Agency has been secretly working to gain a back door into all encryption technologies, The New York Times reports. Despite losing a ’90s era debate over allowing a government back door into all encryption technologies, the US National Security Agency set up […]

Vodafone Reportedly Ditching The HD2 as iPhone Launch Looms (update: nope!)

By | Dec 11, 2009

Here’s an interesting one. Vodafone, which is one of the few carriers in the world right now with access to HTC’s HD2, is reportedly not going to stock the handset any longer once its current supply evaporates. The reason? Why, that’s a fantastic question! According to a company spokesperson, there has been a “massive amount […]

Palm Pre Price Keeps Sinking On Bell, Down To $100

By | Nov 10, 2009

Just weeks after Palm’s Pre sunk to CAD $149.95 on Bell, the outfit’s first-ever webOS phone has now stooped to just CAD $99.95. That still requires a 3-year contract, of course, but man — a single bill for a smartphone like the Pre? Anyone tossing out guesses on how long it takes Sprint to follow […]

European Retailer Hacks €100 From PlayStation 3 in Run-up To Gamescom

By | Aug 15, 2009

If you know anything about European retailer Fnac, you know it’s not the go-to place for bargains. However, it’s this very outlet that’s now selling an 80GB PlayStation 3 bundle (which includes the console, a single controller and inFamous) for €100 less than its “everyday low price” as of yesterday. Of course, one major French […]

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