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Apple Rumor Roundup: ‘The Day Before’ Edition

By | Jan 27, 2010

We’ll just come right out and say it: we couldn’t possibly be happier to see that January 27, 2010 is tomorrow. Shortly after 10AM on the left coast, Stevie J himself will finally put a hush to the rumors that have been swirling constantly over the past fortnight or so (and we’ll be there live […]

Windows 7 Way Hotter Than Vista off The Line, Now More Popular Than All OS X Versions

By | Jan 22, 2010

We learned back in November that Windows 7 was having a much (much!) better first few days in retail than Vista did when it launched, but now that the system has had a full quarter and change to make an impression, it looks as if that growth isn’t slowing down. According to new figures from […]

MacBook Pro With Intel Core i5 Processor Revealed Via Intel Promo Flier?

By | Jan 14, 2010

Far be it for us to argue with order of operations, but an apparent Intel Retail Edge Program promotional email has revealed a contest where those who pass this month’s training can win one of two MacBook Pros with Intel Core i5 processors inside. Only catch is, that’s a model that doesn’t yet exist — […]

Apple Adds 3.33GHz Xeon, 2TB Hard Drive Options To Mac Pro

By | Dec 6, 2009

We know it can be tough scraping by with a measly 2.93GHz Xeon processor and 1TB hard drives in your Mac Pro, so you’ll no doubt be pleased to know that Apple has finally seen fit to add a bit of extra horsepower to its humble little desktop. That includes a new option for a […]

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