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Navigation Controller PlayStation Move Sub-controller Hits FCC

motion controller
By | Apr 12, 2010

Wondering what Sony‘s going to call that PlayStation Move sub-controller — you know, since “nunchuk” is already taken? Think no more. Sony part number CECH-ZCS1U just hit the FCC’s database, and “Navigation Controller” is written in nice bold letters right there on the label. It’s looking like this is official, as the Sony US website […]

Sony PS3 Motion Controller Delayed Until ‘Fall 2010′ Globally

motion controller
By | Jan 21, 2010

Last official word we had on the launch of Sony’s PS3 Motion Controller was Spring 2010. However, we just received a press release from Sony Japan with a revised availability of “Fall 2010.” The calendar push affects Japan, Asia, North America, and Europe. In the statement, Kaz Hirai avoids using the “d” word saying only: […]

Microvision’s PicoP Laser Projector Meets Rifle-shaped Motion Controller, Mayhem Ensues

motion controller
By | Dec 11, 2009

How do you spice up the traditionally unexciting projector market? You take your finest laser projector, with its “infinite focus” skills, pair it with a weapon-styled motion controller, and you offer FPS gamers the opportunity to get out of their seats and perform their murdering sprees as nature intended. So Microvision thinks, and we’ve no […]

PS3 Motion Controller Launching in March?

motion controller
By | Sep 23, 2009

Is your name “harborneb?” It is? Then you might be out of a job. That’s the name attributed to the author of a Microsoft Word document sitting on SEGA America’s official FTP site at this very moment. The .doc file resides in SEGA‘s otherwise benign “news” directory. Now, it’s very possible that the document could […]

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