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BlackBerry 9650 Spotted in The Wild Again, ‘Bold’ Branding Confirmed

By | Apr 10, 2010

The Tour branding never made a lot of sense — RIM‘s most recently-released high-end portrait QWERTY device for CDMA networks occupies the same market position as the Bold over on GSM networks, so the name difference is kind of arbitrary and more than just a little bit confusing. It’s all good, though, because CrackBerry has […]

RIM Demos New WebKit-based BlackBerry Browser At MWC — it’s Fast!

By | Feb 17, 2010

We weren’t expecting much out of RIM’s presser here at MWC this morning, but the company managed to bust out one surprise — a demo of the company’s new WebKit-based BlackBerry browser. We’re assuming this is what came out of that Torch Mobile acquisition, and the early build shown off on-screen looks pretty solid, rendering […]

BlackBerry Magnum Prototype Spotted, Canned In Favor Of Something Better?BlackBerry Magnum Prototype Spotted, Canned In Favor Of Something Better?

By | Jan 22, 2010

Okay, before we get too far here, keep your excitement in check: you’ll apparently never be able to buy this. The good news, though, is that CrackBerry seems to have it on authority that the phone you’re looking at here — an early Magnum prototype — has been scrapped in favor of something better, the […]

RIM’s BlackBerry Tour2 9650 Gets The Hands-on Treatment

By | Dec 27, 2009

There’s practically zero doubt remaining that RIM has a next-generation Tour in the works, but if you’re one of those tin foil hat wearers, you’ll be glad to know that at least one of these things really, truly exists. Boy Genius just got his paws around the Tour2 9650 (shown left), and aside from the […]

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