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Castrol Builds Freakishly Large Robot To Kick A Soccer Ball, Break Legs of Silhouette Defenders

By | Jan 27, 2010

Soccer players are generally such crybabies that we can understand why you’d want to replace them with robots, and sometimes that’s done with great success. We don’t think we’ll be seeing this latest player on the pitch anytime soon, though. It’s something of an exhibition robot, a creation sponsored by Castrol to beat the legendary […]

Caption Contest: Optimus Prime Moonlights As Clothes Dryer

By | Jan 23, 2010

What does a superpowered Transformer do in his spare time — you know, when he’s not too busy starring in some of the worst written pieces of escapist cinema? Well, for one Taiwanese fella, there’s nothing Optimus Prime likes doing more than supporting a bamboo stick used for hanging washed clothes. Seriously, the dude spent […]

Robots Perform Synchronized Interpretive Dance For The Holidays, Fill us with Cheer

By | Nov 21, 2009

You know what we love? Dancing robots and Christmas tunes. So combining the two and throwing the video up on YouTube would be akin to heaven, right? Well, as you’ll see in the amazing video after the break: it doesn’t get much better than this. In fact, it might even be enough to clear the […]

iRobot Creates New Business Unit For Healthcare Robotics

By | Nov 9, 2009

Well, it doesn’t have a Roomba that will check up on your vitals just yet, but it looks like iRobot is betting on healthcare robotics in a fairly big way, with it taking advantage of the recent TEDMED conference to announce that it’s forming a new business unit focused solely on the still burgeoning industry. […]

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