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Sony Vaio Y11, S11 and F11 Leaked Ahead of Launch, Z and CW Series Refreshed

sony vaio
By | Jan 4, 2010

It appears that the Vaio T’s return is only the tip of a giant iceberg of refreshes coming out from Sony HQ this month. Greek e-tailer Compuland has a trio of new models listed — seemingly prematurely — for sale: the Vaio Y11 (pictured) is a relatively standard 1.3GHz Core 2 Duo SU7300 machine with […]

Sony introduces Limited Edition VAIO Nebula FW Laptop

sony vaio
By | Nov 3, 2009

Sony‘s done plenty of limited edition “Signature Collection” laptops before, but it sure does seem to be particularly excited about its new VAIO Nebula FW model — how else can you explains such imaginative advertising copy as the blurb above? Better still, the laptop demands a relatively non-premium starting price of $809.99, and packs some […]

Sony UK Site Unveils New VAIO P With 2GHz Atom And Windows 7

sony vaio
By | Oct 8, 2009

Look, the upcoming VAIO X might be all fancy with its 11.6-inch screen and all day battery life, but Sony‘s not ignoring its original underpowered-and-overpriced funky laptop — three new VAIO P configurations just went up on Sony’s UK site today, all sporting Windows 7. The big news is that the top-end configuration will now […]

Sony Adopts Chrome as Default Browser For VAIO line

sony vaio
By | Sep 3, 2009

Google’s Chrome was already the default browser on the VAIO NW we handled a month ago, and now the Financial Times delivers confirmation of a wider distribution deal between the search giant and Sony. According to the report, new VAIO laptops and desktops will come with Chrome preinstalled — an “experimental” arrangement — and, most […]

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