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Net neutrality Issue may seems to rise

By | Sep 10, 2013

A panel in a federal court indicates it may strike down part of the law that stops ISPs from discriminating against certain Web sites. Net neutrality, at least in part, may be in trouble. judges in a federal court seemed unconvinced Monday of the Federal Communications Commission’s arguments regarding the regulations during a landmark case […]

Verizon, Vodafone reportedly ironing out $130B wireless deal

By | Sep 2, 2013

Verizon, Vodafone reportedly ironing out $130B wireless deal A deal giving Verizon complete ownership of Verizon Wireless could be announced as early as Monday, according to multiple reports.

Apple Rumor Roundup: ‘The Day Before’ Edition

By | Jan 27, 2010

We’ll just come right out and say it: we couldn’t possibly be happier to see that January 27, 2010 is tomorrow. Shortly after 10AM on the left coast, Stevie J himself will finally put a hush to the rumors that have been swirling constantly over the past fortnight or so (and we’ll be there live […]

Palm Pre Plus Shows Off Multitasking Upgrade With 50 Simultaneous Apps (video)

By | Jan 22, 2010

Yea, you read that right — fifty apps loaded side by side by freaking side on the Pre Plus, and the thing just kept on ticking. The chaps over at Pre Central decided to test out specifically how much of an improvement the doubling of RAM and storage in the new handset delivered, and they […]

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