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ESPN Streaming Coming To Xbox 360?

By | Jan 19, 2010

As if you needed another impetus to abandon cable and satellite TV, The New York Times is reporting behind closed door dealings are afoot between Microsoft and Walt Disney Company, with order of business being ESPN streaming via Xbox 360. According to the anonymous source, live streams of sporting events à la the now aptly-titled […]

Windows Mobile And Xbox Live Coming Together, According To Microsoft Job Ad

By | Dec 31, 2009

The hints were already pretty strong on this one, but now Microsoft has come right out and said it, albeit in a job posting — the Xbox Live gaming platform is extending beyond the console and specifically onto WinMo phones. Seeking a Principal Program Manager who would be responsible for bringing “Xbox Live enabled games […]

Xbox 360 Laptop Brings Retro Looks To An eBay Near You

By | Dec 25, 2009

If you thought only a semi-deity like Ben Heck could splice consoles into laptop-shaped cases, here’s some evidence to the contrary. This week, CollinE from Ben’s forums put the finishing touches to his own, rather professional looking, Xbox 360 laptop. Adorned in a red and black color scheme that features a throwback giant X on […]

Xbox 360 Controller Ingeniously Hacked For NES Use

By | Dec 1, 2009

Hey, it’s just what you’ve always wanted: to use your Xbox 360 controller on your old NES. Using a Cortex M3 processor left over from a school robotics project, Francois Gervais managed to rig his wireless pad to control something decidedly less advanced than a game of Modern Warfare 2. There’s a video of the […]

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